Nate's Buck Bait

Deer attractant with nutritional benefits. Family owned and operated.


Where to Buy

Exclusive Nate’s Buck Bait brand gear is available online and at select locations where bait is sold. Grab yours today!

Our Story...

Nathan Harvey was a true outdoorsman with a passion for hunting. His vision was to create a special recipe with nutritional benefits to attract deer. Working from his shed/laboratory, through trial and error, Nathan achieved his goal. The deer liked it. The hunters loved it! He would call his concoction Nate’s Buck Bait Friends and family were the initial guinea pigs, but word began to spread about this amazing product. To his excitement, local vendors began selling Nate’s Buck Bait. It was time for Nathan to move beyond the borders of his small parish. Investments were made and ideas for promoting Nate’s Buck Bait were brewing. Nathan Harvey was on the very edge of having his dream come true. natesbuckbait_nate
Sadly, his dream was cut short by his sudden and tragic death on July 19, 2016, his fortieth birthday. He left behind his beloved wife and two precious daughters, ages 4 and 1 week. In the wake of his death, Nathan’s brother and best friend have picked up the torch. Through their commitment, Nathan’s dream will now be his legacy, with all the profits going to his family. To quote a satisfied customer, “Try some this year. Who knows, it may be the edge you need to keep Ol’ Mr. Big on your property.” Nate’s Buck Bait , a win-win product for all! Well, unless you’re a deer. Come hunting season, all bets are off.

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